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Haibrag 1200 Properties

Properties of the Haibrag Shuttle Palette
Length 1280 MM
Width 955 MM
Height 175 MM
Device Weight 260 KG
Device Noice Level ≤ 80 DB
Pallet Lift Height +40 MM
Stored Pallet Dımensions
Width 1200 MM
Depth 800 MM
Load Weight 1000 KG
Pallet Quality Europalet Quality Standard

Control Unit PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) – an industrial solid-state computer that monitors inputs and outputs, and makes logic-based decisions for automated processes or machines.

Brand Siemens PLC
Feature Suitable for Industrial environment, unaffected by external environment, doesn’t get parasites
Motion Motor Lifting Motor
Motion Motor Control by Driver Lifting Motor Control Direct
Motion Motor 1000 W Lifting Motor Power 450 W
Motion Motor Speed 2700 RPM Lifting Motor Speed 1450 RPM
Device Wheels
Number of Wheel 6
Number of Drive Wheel 6
Diameter of the Wheel 140 MM
Wheel cover Polyurethane

RF Remote Control allows operator to keep an eye on Shuttle device and be informed, which mode the device is currently running, by wireless communicating with the device.

Type Radio Controlled
Keypad 8 soft buttons
Protection Class IP65
Power Supply Batterie
Communication Distance 100 M


  • Doesn’t get dust into the Device
  • Water resistant
  • Unaffected by low temperature, humidity environment

Lithium Battery  – most ef ficient and long life work type battery

Type Li-ion
Voltage 24 V
Capacity 80-150 AH
Weight 15 KG
Working Period 16-18 Hours
Charging Period 5-8 Hours
Battery Life 1200 Cycle/Min
Battery Quantity 1 pc


  • Light and easy for charging
  • No acid, no leakage, no gas output
  • Vibration resistant
  • Working period is 16-18 hours
  • Charging period is 5-8 hours

Dry Battery  – no need maintenance, closed type battery

Type Pb-Acid
Voltage 12 V
Capacity 28 AH
Weight 10 KG
Working Period 8 Stunden
Charging Period 5 Stunden
Battery Life 900 Cycle/Min
Battery Quantity 4 PCS


  • No acid, no leakage, no gas output
  • Vibration resistant
  • Working period is 8 hours
  • Charging period is 3-4 hours
  • 4 pcs of batteries are required for Ambient warehouses
  • 6 pcs of batteries are required for Coldrooms
  • Photocell Digital Distance Sensor
    • Back drive stop sensor
    • Back Pallet stop sensor
    • Forward Pallet stop sensor
    • Back Pallet deceleration sensor
  • Laser Analogue Distance Sensor
    • Forward Pallet deceleration sensor
    • Forward Drive deceleration sensor
  • Inductive Sensor
    • Pallet Up Sensor
    • Pallet Down Sensor
  • Safety Sensor
    • Forward Safety Sensor
    • Back Safety Sensor
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